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Technology watch

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A technology watch consists in monitoring, identifying, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information. The objective is to inform, and particularly to highlight new information to help people working in the field solve a variety of problems, and to draw attention to opportunities for development.

The CETAB+ technology watch

The CETAB+ organic-agriculture watch, which is partly funded by the MAPAQ’s Innovbio program, consists in documentary research backed up by field observations, applied-research results, and testimony from farmers. It keeps users informed of the most recent publications and experiments in organic farming. Here are the services available under this mandate:

  • French-language document database accessible online free of charge: Biobase
  • Monthly digest detailing new additions to the document database: Biopresse
  • Photocopies of articles from specialist journals
  • Targeted watches on particular subjects (on request)
  • Bibliographic reference service (on request)
  • Training sessions and lectures.


With over 29,000 references, Biobase is the largest French-language database on sustainable and organic agriculture. CETAB+ maintains this watch in collaboration with ABioDoc, the founder of this initiative. The database is accessible online free of charge.

To obtain a document from the database (ordering photocopies)

Some documents can be downloaded free of charge. However, due to copyright legislation, some documents can only be obtained by ordering photocopies from the CETAB+ reproduction and delivery service. You can order the article you want in exchange for payment of an amount to cover copyright costs.

  1. Write to veille (at) cetab.org stating the title of the document and its reference number (e.g. 198-302).
  2. CETAB+ will reply, letting you know the cost of the documents and asking you whether you wish to confirm the order.
  3. If you confirm the order, CETAB+ will send you a copy of the documents. Note that some documents have to be shipped from France, in which case photocopies may take up to three weeks to arrive.

CETAB+ document service pricing


(excluding taxes)

(excluding taxes)
Students /Farmers

Bibliography lists
• by mail/ email



Photocopy order

$2 base cost per document
+ $0.75 per page

Telephone assistance for searching Biobase


Taxes extra.

Prices are subject to change without notice.