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Le Centre d'expertise et de transfert en agriculture biologique et de proximité

Advisory services for farmers

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Agronomic assistance

  • Assessment of the farm’s technical performance
  • Crop-management development
  • Assessment of fertilization needs
  • Soil-health assessment
  • Creation of a strategy for the use and establishment of green manures
  • Development of pest-control methods
  • Innovation projects and trials on the farm

Technical and economic assistance

  • Marketing-plan development
  • Business-plan development
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Recovery plan
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Choice of production
  • Production method
  • Production-cost analysis


  • Marketing-plan development
  • Definition of target clientele
  • Product positioning
  • Product validation
  • Product information sheets
  • Choice of distribution network
  • Determination of selling price
  • Customer service

Resource-persons to support you

At CETAB+, a number of professionals with various fields of expertise are there to support you.

For more information, contact the advisory-services manager:

Murielle Bournival, agronomist            
services-conseils [at] cetab.org
819-758-6401, ext. 2784

The following organizations specialize in advisory services for organic agriculture

Club agroenvironnemental du CDA 

Club Bio-Action

Source of financial assistance

Réseaux Agriconseils